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“Hi, I am Stefania and I am a passionate Greek Teacher.Since 2002 I have taught students from all kinds of backgrounds and age groups around the world.

Very soon I realised that everyone learns differently and I came up with the idea of funding my online school “learngreekwithstefania” a school that offers personalised learning experiences and customised lesson plans.

My goal is to make a difference in the way Greek Language is taught and give the opportunity to everybody who has an interest in this beautiful language to speak Greek !”

“I am not an Athenian or a Greek,
but a citizen of the world."


"Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel."


Stefania Borona

CEO & Founder

Stefania Borona has been teaching Modern/Ancient Greek, Latin and Persuasive Writing for 20 years, within various organisations and schools in Greece, America and the UK.
She has helped dozens of students around the world to pass their Greek Exams and boost their confidence in speaking Greek.

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A fascinating introduction for complete beginners
and, those who might like to take it further.

I help students of all ages to pass their Greek Exams or
speak Greek in their work, everyday life or holidays!

Learn to read and write the alphabet of one of the oldest living languages in the world!

Greek has a history of being used as a written language for about 3,500 years, which is longer than any other Indo-European language spoken today!

Suitable for complete beginners.

All our courses will be delivered online.

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My Greek courses are targeted at students who wish to acquire Greek gradually and thoroughly by developing the four essential language skills – listening, speaking, reading and writing.

My teaching philosophy emphasizes on communication therefore grammar, vocabulary, writing and speaking are always taught in such a way so that students can use what they have learnt in daily conversations.



Certificate of Attainment in Greek Language (Hellinomatheia)

Panhellenic for Expats

Panhellenic for Greeks in Greece

School Entry Exams

Greek for Children

Greek for Bilingual Children

Greek Conversation for Children

Greek for Adults

Greek Conversation for Adults

Greek for Tourism

Greek through Literature for teenagers and adults only

Ancient Greek Grammar and Syntax

Greek Poetry

Greek Prose

Latin Syntax and Grammar

Latin Poetry

Latin Prose

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We could not be prouder of our happy students, friends and fans that have used and continue to use our online courses to learn Greek with Stefania. Have a look at some of our happy students testimonials below, and contact us today!

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